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The Timkers

Imagine a place in time when science edits history and time tourists vacation in their favorite period in the past. The Timkers series follows the exploits and challenges of time marshals striving to ensure time travelers don't disturb the fabric of time. If something goes wrong, it might mean they, and perhaps millions of other people and historical events cease to exist—as if they never happened.

Sam Harkins, a young man in trouble with the law, stows away on a outbound time bus and finds himself in 1930. He's confused, and excited, at least at first, when he finds himself rubbing shoulders with men in fedoras and the women he saw while watching old movies like The Sting. Ruth Riley was not so lucky—she has lived her entire life in poverty and doesn't think the '30s are all that romantic. She and Sam are destined to meet, but another man is lurking in the shadows—a serial killer bent on taking the lives of young women straying from the path.


The Timkers series is available on Kindle as well as in print from CreateSpace and Amazon.