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William Vaughn is an award-winning author and photographer whose books, articles and images have delighted readers young and old for decades. He's been writing fiction full-time since 2008. He currently resides in the Pacific Northwest where the forests and fauna provide a rich source of story ideas.

Note that Mr. Vaughn writes under two pen names-- William Vaughn for young adult, middle-grade and children's books and WR Vaughn for the New Adult or "over eighteen" novels. All titles include age-appropriate parent/teacher guidelines.

You might be more familiar with William's work before he retired from the technical world to write fiction. From the early 1990's through 2008, he wrote over a dozen technical titles as well as hundreds of magazine articles, editorials and training courses. His best-selling technical books have been translated to German, French, Italian, Korean and Japanese so you'll find them in bookstores all over the world.

William is a passionate man. He's interested in doing what he can to preserve the environment and his books reflect that passion. He has two daughters that inspire him to make the world a better place for women (and men) and to bring to light the unique and challenging issues faced by people of all genders, minorities and the oppressed. And yes, William is a proud liberal which he defines as a person who thinks more about others than himself.

The book covers are also designed and created by Mr. Vaughn. He takes virtually all the pictures (not the Snowy Owl on The Owl Wrangler which was photographed by David Hemming, or the pictures of the galaxy taken by the Hubble Telescope and provided with permission by SCCI). He also does all the graphics work to create these marvelous covers.

William spends his day interacting with his friends on Facebook, barely watches his twitter feed, works on the logistics of hosting his own blog, websites and volunteering his time to help fellow authors and the technically challenged. And yes, he writes the rest of the time.