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A Stitch in Time

The Timkers--A Stitch in Time follows Sam, a troubled twenty-year-old, who finds himself fleeing from the police (again). He hides out on an outbound bus only to discover that its ultimate destination is Seattle, but in the year 1930. Confused, hurt, and exhausted, he checks into a rundown hotel. Awakened by a noise in the alley, Sam witnesses a brutal murder—but the killer sees him and he’s on the run again. Dodging the killer and the police he takes refuge in a bordello, where he’s introduced to Ruth, a pretty red-haired girl not sure she’s ready to be a lady of the night. After a passionate night, they discover they’re in love—right before Sam’s is recaptured and told he has to return to the future--without his sweetheart. Unfortunately, the killer has other plans for Sam.

    A Stitch in Time is available in Kindle or Paperback and from selected retailers.