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Our Mission

Provide current, focused assistance to developers, architects and managers
designing, coding, and implementing data access and reporting solutions. 

Company Profile

Beta V Corporation is based in Redmond, Washington
heart of the Microsoft development community.

  • William R. (Bill) Vaughn: Founder and President of Beta V Corporation

Bill is a developer, trainer, and author of numerous books on Visual Basic and data access programming (See Books). After 14 years with Microsoft and over 30 years working in the computer industry, Bill left Microsoft in 2000 to focus more on his own writing and training for Beta V. During his years with Microsoft, Bill held numerous roles which included working with the Windows 1.0 Developer Liaison team, Microsoft University, the Visual Basic User Education team, the Visual Studio marketing team, and finally at Microsoft Technical Education.  Currently, Bill writes and travels the globe in order to guide, mentor, and train developers in his areas of expertise: Visual Basic, data architectures, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), Reporting Services and the .NET Framework.

Bill is also an INETA speaker so feel free to contact INETA to get him to speak to your user group.

Bill was made a Microsoft MVP in 2003 and has held this designation through 2010 for his contribution to the developer community. You can find hm answering questions on the MSDN forums.

If you need a picture of Bill for your publication, feel free to use any of these.

  • Marilyn Vaughn: Treasurer and Executive Secretary

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  1+425 556 9205

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