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Code Samples

No warranties are expressed or implied with any of this code. Code is "as is." Use it at your own risk. If you find a bug, report it to us and we will attempt to fix it.


  • "Managing your MSDE-Database" example. This zip file contains an application used to illustrate the points made in my SQL Server Magazine article published in January 2002. While the article provides a code sample, it is pretty challenged and should not be used. The code illustrates how to start, stop, backup and restore an MSDE (or any version) SQL Server.
  • This sample application basically duplicates some of the functions in ISQL. This utility can be used to create new databases, delete existing databases, and run any Transact SQL (TSQL) statement you care to run. 
  • This is the VB6 Stored procedure add-in as shown at VBits 2000 and in the DevX online seminar. Note: be sure to set the project properties (compatibility) to "Project" before compiling. This is the "official" Microsoft version of this add-in as posted to the VB Web site.