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In our twenty-fifth year, Beta V has produced both fiction and non-fiction books and other content since 1992. Our principle author, William Vaughn also writes under WR Vaughn for his New Adult (over 18) titles.  Beta V has had nine best-selling titles published independently and by major publishers including Microsoft Press, APress and Addison Wesley. Since 2010, Beta V published seven five-star titles independently published through CreateSpace and Amazon/Kindle.

Mr. Vaughn is currently writing popular fiction in both young-adult and new-adult (over 18) genres. So far, there are six books in these fiction genres and more on the way. He's also published a number of short stories on Medium and Whatpad.

William spends a portion of his day providing assistance to other authors, the community at large, as well as those needing help navigating today's complex technical world. You can find him on Facebook. He would be delighted to chat.

Where to Buy Our Books

The answer to this question is not that simple. When you buy from an independent publisher like Beta V, you have to decide where you want your money to go. If you walk into Barnes and Noble to order one of our books, we get less than s$.75 a copy for a $14.95 title. However, if you buy from CreateSpace the printer, we get a little more than half of the sale price, about $6.50—a considerable difference. Ordering through Amazon removes one of the two middle-men, so we get a bit more, but only about $2.10/copy. If you live in the Redmond, Washington area, McDonald's Book Exchange is one of the last remaining independent bookstores who carries all of our fiction books--and all are signed. We're approaching other stores in the area so ask for our titles.

If you buy the Kindle version, we get about half the list price (after deductions), unless the book is enrolled in the KDP Select program, in which case we get a tiny (very tiny) share of the revenue from of Kindle books sold plus a pay-for-page royalty. This means, the author only gets paid for the pages you read. It is for this reason, our latest books aren't enrolled in this program.


We're very pleased that virtually all of the reviews on all six fiction titles have been five star. While we don't really expect that everyone will rank our books so generously, we would appreciate and welcome any and all feedback. More reviews mean more exposure on Amazon and more attention from the public. Please share your experiences with The Seldith Chronicles and The Timkers any way you can, even if you drop me a private note.

Young Adult Fiction Titles

While William characterizes his early work as "technical fiction" in 2008, he refocused his efforts on young adult titles. The result was The Seldith Chronicles, a series of books following the exploits of a forest elf no taller than a Shiitake mushroom. He likes to say these books are written specifically to treat "Harry Potter withdrawal." The Owl Wrangler, the first in the series, was been added to the Lake Washington School District's Summer Reading program in 2015.

New Adult Fiction Titles

Written for new adult readers, under the pen name WR Vaughn, The Timkers -- A Stitch in Time delivers an exciting, fast-paced adventure. Readers follow Sam Harkins, a troubled young man fleeing from the police. He finds himself in the 1930s, his favorite period in time. After discovering the rough world of the Great Depression is very different than he imagined, Sam meets Ruth, a girl desperate enough to work in a brothel. They fall in love just before Sam is recaptured and forced to return to his own time, where he has to confront his past. It's currently available in print and from Amazon/Kindle—search for "Timkers."

The Timkers - Déjà vu delivers the same thrill ride as the first. Back in his own time, Sam Harkins again falls in love and begins a life he hopes can be "normal" only to find his world is not really what it appears to be. He is swept up in a journey is filled with suspense, romance, and a frightening glimpse of the future. Sam's new love is also transported back to rural Virginia just as the American Civil War begins. It's currently available in print and on Kindle from CreateSpace or Amazon/Kindle—search for "Timkers.


In The Timkers - Borrowed Time Sam Harkins has seen the future—he never wanted to go there again, but he and Avey, his fiancée are compelled to return. In 2084, they’re faced with a despoiled planet where the people are uploading themselves into robots to avoid starvation. Cynthia, a soccer mom, is caught up in the intrigue, and is soon captured by a handsome rebel bent on rescuing the planet. Cynthia must decide to trust the rebels, or betray their plans to the authorities—risking her own arrest. Aarden, a powerful artificial intelligence entity, has convinced Sam there is hope, but he has to help her gain control of the planet and, more importantly, Sam’s time machine. Watch for this title in early summer of 2016.It's currently available in print and on Kindle from CreateSpace or Amazon/Kindle—search for "Timkers."


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