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Beta V is a independent publisher of both fiction and non-fiction books. We've been in business since 1992 when we published our first title and marketed it world-wide. Our principle author, William Vaughn writes under several pen names including WR Vaughn.

Mr. Vaughn is an award-winning author and photographer whose books, articles and images have delighted readers young and old for decades. He resides in the Pacific Northwest where the forests and fauna provide a rich source of story ideas.

Before William retired from the technical world, he wrote over a dozen technical titles as well as hundreds of magazine articles, editorials and training courses. His technical books have been translated to German, French, Italian, Czechoslovakian, Korean and Japanese so you'll find them in bookstores all over the world.


Written for adult readers, and under the name WR Vaughn, The Timkers promises an exciting adventure, A Stitch in Time. Readers follow Sam Harkins, a troubled young man fleeing from the police. He finds himself transported to his favorite period in time--the 1930s. After discovering the great depression is very different than he imagined, he meets Ruth, a girl desperate enough to try working in a brothel. They fall in love just before Sam is recaptured and forced to return to his own time--without his sweetheart but with a serial killer bent on making sure he's erased from time.

It's currently available in print and on Kindle from Amazon--simply search for "Timkers."


For younger readers, William wrote The Seldith Chronicles, a series of delightfully exciting young adult novels that take readers on an epic journey with a clan of magical forest elves. The first three books in this series are currently available in print or Kindle from Amazon.





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